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Returns & Refunds Policy


At Pet Deli Pet & Aquarium Warehouse we have a fair play policy for all returns, exchanges and refunds. If an item doesn’t fit, such as a Dog Harness,Collar, Jacket etc. then we will gladly exchange it for the correct size providing the item has not been used (other than a test fit to determine appropriateness of size) the packaging is still 100% intact and you can provide a receipt. Exchanges must be made in a timely manner and we request within 14 days.

For instore purchases made in our physical shop front we will only accept a refund of an item for change of mind if it is strictly returned within 7 days. The item must be unused, unopened, in complete resalable condition and a receipt must be provided. For change of mind returns after 7 days, a credit may be offered and will be determined on a case by case basis.

For online purchases made through our website we will only accept a refund of an item for change of mind if contact is made indicating your request via email or phone within 7 days of you taking receipt of the goods. The item must be unused, unopened, in complete resalable condition and a receipt must be provided. The customer is responsible for the return costs of any item back to our warehouse. Any refund action will be less than the true original cost of shipping the item to you and may also be subject to an administration fee to cover any reasonable costs associated with conducting the original transaction. In any case the value of the refund less any shipping costs and admin fees will be communicated via email before the return can be accepted.

Please be aware that for online purchases any request for a return, refund or exchange of an item must be communicated to a Pet Deli team member before the item is returned. You can contact us by phone, email or through our contact forms to discuss the situation.


Purchasing a new pet is a wonderful experience and we hope that we can aid you on your journey to add that new furry, feathered or scaly member to your family. We all know the joy and happiness that our beautiful pets can bring to our lives but we all are also acutely aware of the commitment we make to our best friends and companions. When we bring them into our lives we make a life long commitment to provide for them as best we can and provide them with their unique needs of care. We expect that if you have made the decision to add to your family that you have also determined the needs and requirements of these animals and of course we at Pet Deli/Pet & Aquarium Warehouse are here to help guide you on these special needs for each and every animal, and as such we expect that you have accepted the responsibilities in the life long commitment of your new family member. We do not accept a change of mind refund request for livestock because you did not do your due diligence on the needs or responsibilities of the animal. It is not fair on any animal to leave the store with new people and then be returned, it is confusing for them and they do not deserve to be treated as an item. Do your research, think about it more than once, ask us as many questions as you can, make sure it is truly what you want, make sure that you can truly care for their needs and remember that we will always be here to help you out and provide any advice we can on the care of your pet.

If there is any extenuating circumstances we will of course work with you to ensure that the best is always done by the animal. Please contact us if a change in situation is causing issues with your ability to keep your new pet.

Faulty Goods and Warranty Claims

It doesn’t happen too often and certainly ourselves or our manufacturers don’t plan for a faulty product but if you do happen to experience an issue with an item that you purchased where it has had a fault in the manufacturing process or has failed prematurely than please get in contact with us straight away. For obvious faults, poor stitching, etc we will exchange immediately where we can and for any warranty claims that require a manufacturer intervention, we will act and communicate with the manufacturer on your behalf to get the issue solved as quickly as possible. Just get in touch with us and we will get it sorted as soon as possible.

Shipping Damages

We do our best to pack your items carefully and with plenty of protection to ensure they get to you in pristine condition. If the worst does happen and your package is damaged then please get in contact with us straight away and we will get to the bottom of it. Please also provide photographic evidence of any and all issues. Of course if the item is not in the condition it is supposed to be then we will resolve the issue. Please contact us via phone, email or the contact us form.

Australian Consumer Law

Nothing in Pet Deli’s terms and conditions for trade, returns or refunds can exclude or modify your rights under the Australian Consumer Law for any brand new and unused product we supply you. You are entitled to a refund, replacement or credit on any product that:

  • Is faulty or of an unacceptable quality;
  • Does not match any description provided;
  • Is unfit for it’s disclosed purpose.

Theses guarantees will be void if you have:

  • Damaged the product, intentionally or accidentally;
  • Used the product for a purpose it was not designed for;
  • Used the product in a way not described by the instructions;
  • Changed your mind;
  • Bought discounted products that we have made aware of any possible faults;
  • Bought used products that we have made aware of any possible faults.
    • In all cases a receipt or proof of purchase is required for any claim.