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Thinking about buying an Aquarium? Read Me First!

There are many ranges of aquariums for all different species of marine life. Before purchasing any aquaria we highly suggest researching the genus of whichever fish you are thinking of purchasing and any relevant information that is needed for owning and maintaining an aquarium.

Good information to know before going forward with a purchase of a tank would be as follows:

  • The ideal temperature of water your pet(s) would need.

  • The ideal lighting which is also dependant on which animal you are caring for.

  • Whether you animal needs to be in Freshwater or Saltwater.

  • What type of filtration is needed for the pet(s) health.

In most top of the range aquariums the things needed to set it up properly are as follows:

  • The Aquarium itself

  • The Filter

  • The Gravel

  • Air Pumps

  • Heaters

  • Lights & Reflectors

  • Outside Filters

A few more basic things to know before even considering purchasing a fish/aquarium are:
  • Consider the cost and also the amount of space you have at home, make measurements before you jump in.
  • Think about the size of the fish(s) and how many you would like to have, if you already have fish, research or ask the staff their opinion on if they will get along.